Monday, July 13, 2009

Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting, aka, Naked Breakfast Club.

From Maggie:

I am an admirer of Dog & Pony DC. I like that they make strong statements, and ask big questions. In my act (which I share with the lovely and talented Becky Peters), the audience will see feats of grotesque resilience, as my character beats the hell out of Becky's character ( The Amazing Rubber Woman)from which she bounces back with nary a wince or scratch. The act in a sense, is I Love Lucy, George & Gracie, The Honeymooners, and others similar, all distilled down to the uncomfortable truth of their humor: I dominate you man + you take it gratfully woman = sitcom humor gold.

I understand not everyone shares that particular perspective on those well loved and culturally iconic television / radio shows, but for the sake of BBWSF this is how we're rolling.

I think it's a fair question: Since when did it become funny to call women: hysterical, deceitful, vain, jealous, shallow, ditzy, cold, frigid, bi-polar, sex pots, who desire nothing more than to be taken care of by a man, pop out babies, clean a house, and anticipate the needs of everyone (except themselves) on earth?

Probably right about the time it became funny to call men: dumb, mono-sylabic-grunting, beer swilling, illiterate, unfeeling, wife pummelling, penny pinching, child ignoring, workaholic, apes who just want their wives to feed them, screw them and then leave them alone.

I mean, c'mon... I think it's time to have a "come to Jesus moment":

How many women have spent money when they told their significant others they wouldn't? How many women haven't been exactly forthcoming about the cost of their fabulously, amazing new haircut, in order to lessen the shock, and really it's for his own good because he doesn't understand the pressure society puts on women... it's just not the same for him...? How many women judge the clothes and appearances of the women around them, or use their feminity as...ahem... "social currency"?

Oooh! oooooh ME! I do, I do! Am I proud of it? Not especially. Can I aknowledge the ridiculousness, and humor of it? Yes... ok 85% of the time. (Because in addition to being a sneaky, vain, judgemental, tease-- I am also hysterical)

The reason these shows have a place in our cultural conscience is because they represent exaggerated elements of truth. Are there cruel and base examples of them, absolutely. I think the examination of that line is what we're going for. How far is too far? And should we re-examine what we find entertaining in our culture? And do we all need to get a little sense of humor about ourselves? Yes, I think we do.

I have really enjoyed working on this show. The women are all tremendous and authentically lovely and strong, I am proud to count myself among them. I have learned much, not the least of which is how to kick ass ( literally) in highheels, so next time I'm PMS-ing... watch out.

In closing I would just like to say:

Society, "we think you're crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us: in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But, what we found out is that each one of us is:"

a rubber woman, a warrior princess, a damsel in distress, an amazon, a virgin, a mother, a whore, and bare breasted sword fighters...

hmmmm, I'm not sure I really furtherd anyone's cause here...

The Minister's Wife.

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